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About Me

Anderton Photography proudly offers professional equine action photos across the Southern, Southeastern, and Northeastern parts of the United States.  The mission of Anderton Photography, is to produce quality work at a reasonable price. 
Clients are #1 priority!

Experience, Associations, Events:
*My experience with Photography has started since January 2012.  As a barrel racer, I was able to get my foot in the door at smaller associations to get practice.  As the years went on, my photos improved and I started getting my name out to producers.  In October 2015, I booked my first Reining Horse show and it just went on from there.  In January 2016, I finally became the official photographer at a few larger Reining Horse shows, and even had the chance to photograph a well known Reining show where my photos have been published in:
The Reiner, NRHA, and Quarter Horse News.
I have been very blessed with this talent, and I only hope to keep my talent and passion alive for many years to come. 
*As the year has went on, I can proudly announce that I am with the following associations:
-HDRHA out in GA.
-EPRHA out in NJ.
-SERHA out in NC.
-BBB out in the SE region of the United States.
*Currently I photograph the following events:
Barrel Racing, Rodeos, and Reining's.

Life outside of Photography:
As many of you might know, my name is Erin Anderton and I'm currently located out in the Panhandle of Florida.  I absolutely love to travel which makes Photography even more fun for me.  I am in my early 20's, so I do still have many years under my belt left to fill.  I'm going to college full time to be a teacher and I project to have my bachelor's in the next few years.  I travel with my dog (whom you see by my side at the horse shows I photograph at).  I used to barrel race and do a little bit of rodeo, but have put that aside to fulfill photography full time.  Everything I do with editing and sending out orders, is all handled by myself.  I have ran this business part time since January 2012 until December 2015, but in January 2016 is when I started running the business full time.  I've traveled over 35,000 since January 2016 and I can't wait until I see what life has in store for me in 2017.

If you ever need to contact Anderton Photography, please email at: erinanderton2012@gmail.com with the heading (information), or call/text at: 850-612-5668.

Published Images:
Currently you can find my images in the following magazines:
Barrel Horse News.
The Reiner.
Quarter Horse News.
Rodeo News.